Jet Investment in a nutshell

We are an investment company and manager of Jet Funds for qualified investors under the regulation of the Czech National Bank. Investment projects are financed by combining our own funds with capital entrusted to us by institutional investors from the Czech Republic and abroad. Individual private investors, too, can make private equity investments with us. We have been offering this possibility through Jet Funds since 2015. We bring investors attractive earnings on their invested funds over the long term. Over the past 20 years, in fact, we have achieved an IRR of 25% p.a.

Since our establishment in 1997, we have focused on investing into small and medium-sized industrial companies across the entire CEE region. With our 20 years of experience in private equity, we can provide companies the financial and strategic support to achieve further growth. We specialize in late-stage venture, growth, buy-out, and turnaround/rescue investments. In our history, we have supported, restructured, and reorganized 25 enterprises and stood behind several significant court-permitted reorganizations of manufacturing companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

We put capital and companies into motion

For 20 years, we have been working for Central European industry

We have been building the value of companies for 20 years already. We are growing our own capital and that of the investors with whom we work. We have been involved with about 25 companies.



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Foundation of Jet Investment

Igor Fait, together with partners Lubor Turza and Libor Šparlinek, establishes Jet Investment. From its very beginning, the investment group is focused on restructuring industrial companies. The first projects with unutilized assets and inefficient structures involve primarily managerial decision-making with the aim of rationalizing business operations and financial management.


Severomoravské sběrné suroviny, a. s.

Sběrné suroviny Brno, a. s.

acquisition 1999 – divestment 2001

waste collection

appreciation to 2.9 times initial investment

→Case Study


VINIUM, a. s.

Víno Bzenec, a. s.

acquisition 2001 – divestment 2003

food industry

appreciation to 2.2 times initial investment


ZPA Nová Paka, a. s.

acquisition 2001 – divestment 2007

electro-technical industry

appreciation to 6.8 times initial investment

→Case Study


ADAST Blansko

acquisition 2004 – divestment 2004


appreciation to 1.8 times initial investment



acquisition 2004 – owned by Jet 1 Fund to this day

industrial and heavy machinery, automotive components

key company in PBS INDUSTRY Group

→ Companies in the portfolio



acquisition 2006 – owned by Jet 1 Fund to this day

automotive components, precision engineering

key company in HOECKLE POLDI Group

→ Companies in the portfolio


KORDÁRNA Plus, a. s.

+ Slovkord, a. s., Slovenský hodváb, a. s.

acquisition 2010 – owned by Jet 1 Fund to this day

technical textiles, specialty chemistry

key company in KORD Group

→ Companies in the portfolio


The acquisition of Kordárna involves several firsts for Jet Investment. It is its first foreign acquisition. It is also the largest court-permitted reorganization up to that time, as well as the first cross-border reorganization in the Czech Republic. To this day, Kordárna stands among the largest and most successful reorganizations of manufacturing enterprises in the history of Czech insolvencies.


LESS & TIMBER, a. s., LESS & ENERGY, s. r. o.

acquisition 2014 – owned by Jet 1 Fund to this day

wood-processing industry, construction materials and related goods, renewable energy

key company in LESS Group

→ Companies in the portfolio


FIBERPREG GmbH, Fiberpreg CZ

acquisition 2016 – owned by Jet 1 Fund to this day

specialty chemistry, technical textiles

key company in COMPOSITE Group

→ Companies in the portfolio


Payment4U, a. s.

acquisition 2016 – owned by Jet 1 Fund to this day

electro-technical industry and software

key company in PAYMENT4U Group

→ Companies in the portfolio



acquisition 2016 – owned by Jet 1 Fund to this day

products and services for the oil and energy industries

member of PBS INDUSTRY Group

→ Companies in the portfolio


Subscription of Jet 2 Fund

→ Jet 2 Fund


Kornolit, a. s.

acquisition 1998 – divestment 2000

plastics manufacturing

appreciation to 3.2 times initial investment


Moravské autoopravny Olomouc, a. s.

acquisition 1998 – divestment 2002

automotive repairs and refurbishment

appreciation to 4.0 times initial investment

→Case Study


Jet Investment moves to new headquarters at Hlinky Street in Brno.

From approximately the turn of the millennium, Jet Investment is turning to more sophisticated methods of restructuring. In addition to cost, asset, or financial aspects, it devotes itself especially to the areas of business strategy and quality of management. In addition to restructuring, there also are projects requiring liquidation in companies having attractive assets but no prospects for long-term success in the market. Selected acquisitions remain in the Jet Investment portfolio to this day.


Českomoravský len a. s.

acquisition 2000 – divestment 2001

wood processing industry

appreciation to 3.9 times initial investment

→Case Study


Hutní montáže, a. s.

acquisition 2002 – divestment 2005

heavy machinery

appreciation to 1.1 times initial investment


Jitka, a. s.

acquisition 2005 – divestment 2007

textile industry

appreciation to 1.3 times initial investment


ROLOFOL, s. r. o.

acquisition 2008 – divestment 2011

packaging industry

appreciation to 0.6 times initial investment


Avízo, s. r. o.

acquisition 2008 – divestment 2013

packaging industry

appreciation to 1.2 times initial investment


MSV Metal Studénka, a. s.

acquisition 2013 – owned by Jet 1 Fund to this day

railway industry

key company in MSV Metal Group

→ Companies in the portfolio


New partner in Jet Investment

Marek Malík joins Jet Investment as a partner.


Transformation of Jet Investment and subscription of Jet1 Fund

Jet Investment transforms itself from an investment group into an investment company regulated by the Czech National Bank and becomes licensed to manage qualified investor funds. Jet 1, investiční fond a. s. private equity fund is founded. Within a half year, more than 100 investors invest approximately CZK 3.3 billion, 40% of which is investments of Jet Investment partners.

→ Fond Jet 1


Kuźnia Ostrów Wielkopolski Sp. z o.o.

acquisition 2017 – owned by Jet 1 Fund to this day

railway industry

member of MSV Metal Group

→ Companies in the portfolio



acquisition 2017 – owned by Jet 1 Fund to this day

automotive components

member of COMPOSITE Group

→ Companies in the portfolio



acquisition 2017 – owned by Jet 1 Fund to this day

automotive components, precision engineering

member of HOECKLE POLDI Group

→ Companies in the portfolio


End of the Jet 1 Fund subscription period

→ Jet 1 Fund

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