In 2015, Jet Investment became an investment company regulated by the Czech National Bank and authorised to manage qualified investor funds focusing primarily on private equity investments.

The first investment fund, Jet 1, was established in 2015 and syndicated the funds from the founders and from external individual investors in a total amount of approximately CZK 3.3 billion.

Subscription for a second investment fund, Jet 2, will take place in 2018 and it will be open to institutional investors in addition to individual investors.

Investments into Jet funds will be distinct from investments into other private equity funds in having the following characteristics:

We understand where and how we invest

We will limit risk connected to investment into the funds not only through diversification but especially by having detailed knowledge of the industries and businesses into which we invest.

We actively manage the companies in our portfolio

We will continue to be actively involved in strategic management of the companies in the funds’ portfolios in order to grow their value or to maximise dividend returns.

We invest with you

The partners and directors of Jet Investment participate in Jet 1 fund by contributing approximately 40% of the overall investment. Their contribution to the Jet 2 fund will amount to 10–20 %.

We achieve above-average returns

We have more than 20 years of experience and above-average results with private equity investing in the medium-sized enterprises segment in Central Europe. We will capitalise on this experience in managing the funds.

We facilitate liquidity

We organise annual auctions for investors in order to create liquidity in the shares of our funds.

We are remunerated for success

Our remuneration is primarily based not on collecting a management fee, but rather, and more meaningfully, on returns relating to the fund performance.